Packaging Info

Our custom cookie orders are packaged individually in clear cellophane bags, and tied together with ribbon. Dots cookies are the exception to this rule as we package three Dots per bag.  For our standard custom order packaging, the bagged cookies are aligned in our boutique boxes. Any excess space within these boxes is filled with paper shreds to minimize excess movement.   If you are picking up an order, or having one delivered, and do not have a specified packaging method, this will be how the cookies are boxed.

The other packaging method that we offer for our designed cookies are Baskets. Our Baskets are available at an additional charge, and cannot be shipped. They are boutique-style cardboard baskets in a variety of colors and designs. The cookies are bagged and placed inside the basket, sitting on a bed of paper shreds. The cookies are aligned to be most visible, and then the basket and cookies are encased inside a large piece of cellophane. The cellophane is tied together at the top with a large ribbon, and the basket details are then adjusted to be the most beautiful presentation possible.

All cookie orders to be shipped are first packaged identically as all other orders; they are bagged individually in clear cellophane bags and tied together with corresponding ribbon. These cookies are then further packaged for maximum protection during transit. Each bagged cookie is then placed inside a foam pouch and aligned within one of our boutique boxes. Excess space is filled with paper shreds to prevent additional movement within the box. Once filled, the boutique box is placed inside a corrugated shipping box with ample packaging peanuts to surround the cookies and avoid additional movement. Cookie Cousins Logo and Fragile stickers are placed on the outermost box to communicate the contents, and promote a safer handling experience.

We put a lot of love into our product from start to finish. It is our goal to create sweet tasting and beautiful looking cookies; therefore, we do everything we can for our customers to experience our creations the way we intend for them to be received.