Terms and Conditions

General Information Policy

Cookie Cousins respects the privacy of customers, employees, business partners, and job applicants who provide personal information on our website, in our store, and over the phone. We understand the need to protect and manage the use of any personal information provided to us, and do so with discretion. We may collect a variety of information that is crucial to carrying out our service, and will only share such information with employees needing to be informed in order to complete the necessary tasks. The remaining policies will further detail what specific information may be requested, and how the information will be used.


Privacy Policy

Cookie Cousins believes in respecting the privacy of personal information given, and will only allow such information to be used in order to complete the necessary tasks within the company procedures. Our policy may be subject to change at any point. We suggest you read thoroughly, and periodically check for any updates. Cookie Cousins understands that some who use our website may not be interested in giving certain personal information. While Cookie Cousins is in no way forcing one to divulge such information, it should be understood that certain services may not be performed without releasing the information. By inputting the requested information on our website, it is thereby acknowledged that our terms and conditions are agreed upon. Please, do not continue to use our website if you do not agree with our policies.


Age of Website User

Cookie Cousins does not condone anyone under the age of 18 years old using our website; however, we cannot distinguish the age of the user if given legitimate customer information online.  Any parent/ guardian/ adult wishing to make an adjustment from an order unknowingly completed by a minor should contact our store as soon as possible. You are welcome to email us your concerns at info@cookiecousins.com or call our store at (407) 420-7940.


Personal Information Policy

Cookie Cousins may request certain information that is crucial to completing orders, such as name, phone number, address, email address, etc. It is understood that the requested information is done so on a voluntary basis. Cookie Cousins is in no way forcing one to give up information unwillingly. This being said, not disclosing certain information may not allow for order confirmation. Credit card information is necessary to the completion of the order taking process. Such information is attached to the specific order online, but is not visible. The final 4 digits of credit card information may remain visible to the Cookie Cousins team for verification purposes. Entering such information is done so on a voluntary basis, and is only received by Cookie Cousins if it is submitted willingly.



Removing Information

Cookie Cousins is understanding and willing to work with you on any questions or concerns you may have. If at any point you are interested in removing personal information you may have shared with us in the past, you may make a formal request via email at info@cookiecousins.com. By requesting removal of such information, it is understood that certain services may be unable to continue.


Order Change Policy

Cookie Cousins orders must to be placed at least 4 days prior to the pick-up/ delivery/ shipping date. This does not guarantee our availability to confirm order, as dates can reach capacity and are therefore booked.  This allows ample time to complete production from start to finish. A 20% Rush Fee will be added to any cookie order placed 3 days or less in advance. Sundays and holidays are excluded from our production schedule, and will not be counted in our timeline of cookie orders. To request any changes in your order, we will be available to chat on the phone or via email during our store hours. Cookie Cousins cannot be held responsible for any time sensitive requested adjustments to your order that are made outside of our store hours.


Cancellation/ Refund Policy

Cookie Cousins requires any customer looking to cancel his/her order to do so at least 7 business days before the pick-up/ delivery/ shipping date. By doing so, the customer will receive a full refund. Any order cancellation made between 4-7 business days prior will only receive a 50% refund. Orders that are cancelled less than 4 days before their pick-up/ delivery/ shipping date will not be refunded. Partially refunded orders are non-transferrable. Cookie Cousins may or may not reach out as a reminder for order pick-up. Any order that is not picked up will not be refunded. Cookies purchased from our store cannot be refunded or exchanged, unless specifically allowed by Cookie Cousins management team.


Pick-Up Policies

Cookie Cousins offers the option to pick up custom cookie orders at our store location. Customers choose specific date and time from given availability. Cookie Cousins employees may or may not contact customers as a reminder for pick-up. If other person besides customer will be picking up the order, Cookie Cousins suggests that the customer informs the team of such change. While Cookie Cousins does not require photo identification for pick-up, the custom order will be handed to the merchant giving name confirmation on order. 


Delivery Policies

Cookie Cousins offers the option to deliver custom cookie orders to certain zip codes within the Orlando area. The only zip codes to which cookies can be delivered are as follows: 32804, 32801, 32803, 32805, 32808, 32810, 32751, 32789, 32814, 32806, 32792, 32807, 32817, 32825, 32811, 32839, 32835, 32819, 32809, 32812, 32822, & 32829. Delivery charges are calculated specifically at checkout. Cookie Cousins uses a courier service to transport the orders to each desired location, and are not liable for cookies between store pick-up and delivery at location. If there is an issue or concern with a certain delivery, a formal written complaint must be sent via email to info@cookiecousins.com, and we will direct the message to our courier service for further assistance.  


Shipping Policy

Cookie Cousins requires that custom orders to be shipped will be placed with ample advanced notice. The customer understands that the production process is multiple days, as is the shipping timeframe post production. Rush orders cannot be shipped, as they do not allow enough drying time to safely package cookies for shipping purposes. Due to the nature of our product, Cookie Cousins does not suggest shipments over the weekend, for best quality of arrival. Cookie Cousins cannot guarantee perfect quality of shipped cookies. We do everything in our power to keep the cookies as safe as possible, including additional packaging and cookie sleeves. Once the cookies leave our establishment, we no longer can be held accountable for the condition of our product. Any issues with broken or damaged shipments must be discussed directly with FedEx. 


Cookie Cousins decorators are very talented and match requested designs as closely as possible. While exact image replications are only possible with our printed image logo cookies, our decorating team works precisely to create as close of a hand-drawn duplicate as possible. Using icing as a medium restricts certain details from being created within our designs. Colors may be matched identically during production, but alter slightly post allotted drying time. Certain colors may be more accustomed to bleeding. Cookie Cousins cannot be held accountable for any color changes that may occur. Due to the necessary drying time to complete each order, decoration adjustments cannot be made on the day of pick-up/ delivery/ shipping.



Cookie Cousins offers printed image logo cookies for custom orders, but is not able to edit the images in any way. The exact .jpg or .png sent to us will be the exact image printed on your cookies. The images are printed “as is” using edible ink on edible paper. Similar to icing colors, some slight color changes may occur on logo cookies. White icing borders are suggested on logo cookies, as colored borders are more inclined to bleed onto the edible paper. The clarity of the image is based entirely on the quality of image that is sent to us. The size and quality of the .jpg or .png will directly determine the outcome of the cookies. Cookie Cousins cannot be held responsible for subpar quality of image, if the image sent is equally as pixelated when enlarged to the size of the cookie.


Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy Statement, please contact us via email at info@cookiecousins.com. We are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have!


Changes to Policies

Cookie Cousins reserves the right to periodically make adjustments to any policy within the company. We suggest you continue to monitor our Terms and Conditions for any possible changes that may occur throughout our business.