Privacy Policy

Cookie Cousins respects the privacy of customers, employees, business partners, and job applicants who provide personal information on our website, in our store, and over the phone. We understand the need to protect and manage the use of any personal information provided to us, and do so with discretion. We may collect a variety of information that is crucial to carrying out our service, and will only share such information with employees needing to be informed in order to complete the necessary tasks. The remaining policies will further detail what specific information may be requested, and how the information will be used.

Cookie Cousins believes in respecting the privacy of personal information given, and will only allow such information to be used in order to complete the necessary tasks within the company procedures. Our policy may be subject to change at any point. We suggest you read thoroughly, and periodically check for any updates. Cookie Cousins understands that some who use our website may not be interested in giving certain personal information. While Cookie Cousins is in no way forcing one to divulge such information, it should be understood that certain services may not be performed without releasing the information. By inputting the requested information on our website, it is thereby acknowledged that our terms and conditions are agreed upon. Please, do not continue to use our website if you do not agree with our policies.

Cookie Cousins may request certain information that is crucial to completing orders, such as name, phone number, address, email address, etc. It is understood that the requested information is done so on a voluntary basis. Cookie Cousins is in no way forcing one to give up information unwillingly. This being said, not disclosing certain information may not allow for order confirmation. Credit card information is necessary to the completion of the order taking process. Such information is attached to the specific order online, but is not visible. The final 4 digits of credit card information may remain visible to the Cookie Cousins team for verification purposes. Entering such information is done so on a voluntary basis, and is only received by Cookie Cousins if it is submitted willingly.