Shipping Info

Many of our cookie options can be shipped via FedEx to anywhere within the United States of America. All shipment orders must take into consideration the production and shipping time needed to produce and deliver the desired product.  A general time frame of at least 2 weeks will be required to account for the entire production and shipping process.  Due to the packaging necessary for the safest shipment method possible, certain Cookie Cousins items cannot be shipped. These items restricted from shipping include but are not limited to Rush Orders, Baskets, Cookie Cakes, Dot Trays, Samples, Take Home Parties/ Cookie Kits, Gingerbread Houses, and Star Christmas Trees.

Our shipment cookie orders will be sent via FedEx Ground.  FedEx is unable to ship to P.O. Box addresses.  It is denoted that FedEx Ground shipments are not guaranteed for a specific arrival date. While we schedule our cookie production to be completed with ample transportation time, we suggest allowing enough additional time to allow for any unforeseen delays. For example, we suggest denoting the arrival date as a few days prior to when the cookies are absolutely needed. Cookie Cousins will not be held responsible for any delayed arrivals. Shipment costs will be based on multiple factors with your order. These factors include, but are not limited to, quantity, weight, total cost, location, and desired arrival date. Shipping and Handling costs are bundled together at checkout, and will be listed as such on the final checkout page.

All cookie orders to be shipped are first packaged identically as all other orders; they are bagged individually in clear cellophane bags and tied together with corresponding ribbon. These cookies are then further packaged for maximum protection during transit. Each bagged cookie is then placed inside a foam pouch and aligned within one of our boutique boxes. Excess space is filled with paper shreds to prevent additional movement within the box. Once filled, the boutique box is placed inside a corrugated shipping box with ample packaging peanuts to surround the cookies and avoid additional movement. Cookie Cousins Logo and Fragile stickers are placed on the outermost box to communicate the contents, and promote a safer handling experience.

All precautions are made on our end to create the safest shipping parcel upon FedEx pickup from our location. However, we cannot ensure an unscathed product upon arrival, as it is out of our hands throughout the shipment procedure post pickup.  We suggest shipping cookie shapes that are as sturdy as possible to avoid breakage from necessary transportation.  Shapes with fragile aspects (ex. crab claws, wine glass stems, flamingo legs, etc.) are not recommended to be shipped, as breakage potential is significantly higher. Solid shapes (ex. circles, squares, rectangles, etc.) typically have a more successful arrival quality, as they are the sturdiest.  Any specific issues incurred throughout the shipment process should be directed towards FedEx directly, as Cookie Cousins cannot make adjustments for the situations incurred throughout the shipping process.  Occasionally, customers want to ship the cookies themselves.  Cookie Cousins cannot be responsible in any way to cookies that are not packaged by Cookie Cousins staff.

Icing colors on cookies may change over time, as bleeding or fading may occur.  Our cookie artists do their best to match desired colors as closely as possible, but the additional drying time throughout the shipping process may further alter shades.  While we include ample amount of coloring for each specific order, unfortunately, it is out of our hands if the icing colors are not an identical match upon arrival.  We certainly do our best to create the most beautiful and tasty product for all our customers per the specific requests, and are excited to offer the ability to ship our artistic cookies anywhere in the country!

Delivery Info

We offer the option of delivering cookie orders to certain locations within the Orlando area. The chart below displays which ZIP Codes we can deliver to, and the cost of delivery to each location:

$10.00 Delivery Charge32804
$15.00 Delivery Charge32789, 32801, 32803, 32805
$20.00 Delivery Charge

32701, 32703, 32707, 32714, 32730, 32751, 32792, 32806, 32807, 32808,

32809,32810, 32812, 32814, 32818, 32822, 32835, 32839, 34761

$25.00 Delivery Charge32712, 32750, 32817, 32825, 32829, 34786, 34787
$30.00 Delivery Charge

32708, 32746, 32765, 32766, 32773, 32779, 32798, 32821, 32824,

32826, 32827, 32828, 32830, 32837, 33896, 34711, 34747

If a desired ZIP Code is not listed here, we still are able to transport cookie orders, but they will have to be shipped instead.

Cookie orders to be delivered will be packaged identically to orders that will be picked up from our bakery location. All our cookies are individually placed in clear cellophane bags, and tied together with ribbon. Our Dot Cookies are the only exception to this, as they are always packaged in groups of two or three in the cellophane bags. All cookie orders that are not custom requested for packaging will be aligned inside our boutique boxes. Any additional space inside the box(es) will be filled with paper shreds, to avoid any excess movement. Baskets are a presentation option that we offer for delivery orders, at an additional cost.  Certain items that we sell are too fragile, and therefore are not able to be delivered. These items include but are not limited to Cookie Cakes, Dot Trays, Sample Cookies, Gingerbread Houses, Star Christmas Trees, Flat-box Orders, and Rush Orders.

Our employees at Cookie Cousins will not be personally delivering orders, as we use a third-party courier service for transportation purposes. We do not offer same-day delivery for our cookies. Ample time should be given to create a custom order, and then deliver to the desired location.  All cookie orders are scheduled to arrive at the expected location by 5pm on the designated day. If the cookies are needed before this time, we suggest you request delivery one business day prior to the event. Unfortunately, we do not deliver over the weekend. Because of this, cookies needed on Monday mornings should be scheduled for delivery on the previous Friday.

If you are requesting deliveries to multiple locations, multiple orders must be individually placed. Each approved order is required to follow the minimum order of 12 cookies total, with at least 6 cookies of each style. This ensures that each delivery will meet the requirement of our set order minimum, and will arrive entirely at the correct location.

Upon delivery of our cookies, if the recipient is not present, or the location is not safe to leave the order unattended, the customer is responsible for the additional cost incurred for returning the cookies to our store, and any additional re-delivery charge. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the delivery location, and whether or not the recipient will be available on the designated day, to avoid any possible issues with delivery.